OPTEVFOROperational Test & Evaluation Force
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* Solution: OPTEVFOR must provide the contractor/NAWC team with threat-representative flight profiles for the last phase of DT flight testing.
* Solution: OPTEVFOR must concentrate its operational flight test efforts in the joint DT/OT phase just prior to OPEVAL.
OPTEVFOR has faced steady criticism from some corners of the EW community concerning its conduct of the ALQ-165's OT&E.
In the face of these attacks, Admiral Anselmo defended the competency of OPTEVFOR, saying, "I think Admiral Hill |the current head of OPTEVFOR~ and his staff have done an admirable job." He further said that testing systems like the ASPJ against the full range of threats presents a difficult challenge because not all threats can be replicated.
For example, the DOT&E appears to be considering only the results of low-altitude flight tests conducted by the Navy's OPTEVFOR in reaching its final conclusions on ASPJ performance.
The DOT&E's findings were also driven by the Navy OPTEVFOR's conclusions that the ASPJ did not demonstrate a significant improvement in aggregate survivability over the AN/ALQ-126B system.
Among these is a group of Air Force engineers and analysts who reviewed the OPTEVFOR report.
We understand the government of South Korea had asked the US Air Force to investigate the implications of the negative OPTEVFOR report on the F-16 contract.
Acceptance of the OPTEVFOR test results could lead to cancellation of ASPJ and jeopardize F/A-18 sales as well.