OPTHOR-Ing Previous Two Histories (cache block prediction)
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First, the assignments for both courses (OPTH 202 and 203) will be altered to focus on resource materials, as illustrated below.
To support the OPTH academic classes, the voice faculty, and students' personal career development, we plan to create an opera resources Web site.
The course OPTH 202 is offered in the fall semester and has two assignments (A & B), and OPTH 203 is offered in the spring semester.
OPTH 202: Introduction to Opera: Performance Techniques (semester 1)
OPTH 203: Introduction to Opera: Performance Techniques (semester 2)
Aim: To review the process of analysis used in assignment A for OPTH 202, this time in the context of an assigned ensemble piece, with the addition of journal sources.
Many students refer to the Web site as their primary source for research materials, not only for OPTH classes, but also for opera history and musicology classes.
Categories of research tools used most often Online search engines 33% Online encyclopedias & dictionaries 47% OPTH class bibliographies 0% Online music catalogs 20% Note: Table made from pie chart.