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OPTIMALOptimised Procedures and Techniques for IMprovement of Approach and Landing (aircraft project)
OPTIMALOptimised Preparation of Manufacturing Information with Multilevel CAM-CNC Coupling
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In this case, we seek the optimal production quantity and the optimal carbon emissions.
When the price p is exogenous, there is a unique optimal inventory factor [z.sup.*], and it meets the following condition:
The Point Pm remains fix during the calculation of parameters for optimal catheter selection.
In the proposed method, after the extraction of the coronary artery curve of the centerline image, the next step was to select the optimal plane for the projection of the curve.
This may lead to an extreme complex partial differential equation in the nonlinear optimal problem, and the analytical solution of the partial differential equation is almost impossible to obtain.
Then the optimal problem is considered with the kinematics (4) and nominal dynamics (8).
The origins of congestion pricing theory go back to Pigou [3] and Knight [4], who used the example of a congested highway to address the issue of externalities and optimal congestion costs.
For multiple reasons, first-best optimal marginal cost prices cannot be implemented in practice [12].
First, to the best of our knowledge, our paper is the first to study the optimal resource allocation policy in the tandem queues with the general service rate and resource cost functions.
In Section 4, we present the structural properties of the optimal policy and main results of the paper.
Classical mathematical methods (gradient, Newton's, linear, and integer programming, etc.) allow the finding of optimal solutions of real-world problems.
A complete SVC susceptance and firing angle models are suitable for conventional and optimal power flow analysis.
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