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OPTIMISTOptical Technologies in Motion for the Ist Program
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"My son," said the Optimist, stopping the gold carriage, "you look as if you had not a friend in the world."
There is a class of optimists ready to reinsure an "overdue" ship at a heavy premium.
The shortness of breath took all fire, all animation out of his voice; his great, pale cheeks hung like filled pouches, motionless, without a quiver; but in his blue eyes, narrowed as if peering, there was the same look of confident shrewdness, a little crazy in its fixity, they must have had while the indomitable optimist sat thinking at night in his cell.
A versatile and entertaining companion, by turns prosperous and impecunious, and an optimist always, Gardiner Hubbard became a really indispensable factor as the first advance agent of the telephone business.
you will be deceived just the same," said Athos, who was an optimist when things were concerned, and a pessimist when men were in question.
"Oh, I don't know," said the Duke of Chester, who was an optimist, "it's jolly good for some things.
But may I ask, at heart, are you an optimist or a pessimist?
And do you know, when these politicians swing wide the doors and come in, with their broad shoulders, their deep chests, and their generous stomachs which cannot help making them optimists and masters of life, why, you perk right up.
The savage element in humanity--let the modern optimists who doubt its existence look at any uncultivated man (no matter how muscular), woman (no matter how beautiful), or child (no matter how young)--began to show itself furtively in his eyes, to utter itself furtively in his voice.
And, let's be honest, it's currently a very difficult time for optimists in this country - Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister and apparently intent on taking us into a post no-deal Brexit meltdown, while one of his henchmen, Iain Duncan Smith, wants to raise the state pension age to 75.
The championships will also serve as a test event for the International Optimist Dinghy Association's (IODA) 2019 Optimist Asian and Oceanian Championship, which will be held at the same venue from September 30-October 7.
The Accra Optimist International Club is an affiliate of the Optimist International, USA, and Emmanuel Kofi Dogbe, President of the Tema District Optimist International Club, led the team to the Echo Hill Orphanage.