OPTISOverlapped Pulse-modulation with Interlocking Spectra (ADC Telecom)
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OPTIS asserts the market for insurance agencies remains "a seller's market.
Timothy J Cunningham, managing director of OPTIS Partners, said, 'By all measures, 2017 will likely be another banner year for M&A.
Cunningham, managing director of OPTIS, an investment banking and financial consulting firm specializing in the insurance industry.
Cunningham, managing director of OPTIS and National Underwriter P&C editorial advisory board member.
OPTIS has integrated Luxexcel material within the OPTIS library, providing customers fast access to 3D-printed customized and fully optimized prototypes (Figure 1) within a few days.
The Ilumien Optis system enables a higher-image resolution, and thus makes it possible for us to analyze difficult anatomical structures, allowing us to focus on diagnostic and treatment strategies," said Takashi Akasaka, M.
Commenting on the new technology, chief executive Francis Neill said: "The launch of our Optis HD Electric Line camera demonstrates a significant advancement in the application of wellbore camera technology, which we are delighted to bring to the global well intervention market.
Automotive Industries (AI) asked Jacques Delacour, president and CEO of OPTIS to share the company's expansion plans.
According to Tim Cunningham, a principal of Optis Partners in Chicago, the "anecdotal evidence" is that "banks continue to step up with premium prices-some may say ridiculously high prices--for some of their acquisitions.
Loans generated through Optis will later be passed on to the Intelli View servicing platform, Meola says, creating a smooth transfer from origination to servicing.
It uses proprietary software called OPTIS and OPTIS Plus, which runs on UNIX or Windows 95, to create analytical databases and to integrate information to support the management decision process.
At 232, the number of insurance agency mergers and acquisitions in the first half of 2016 came in just one fewer than 2015's record first half of 233 deals, according to data from Chicago-based OPTIS Partners, an investment banking and financial consulting firm specializing in the insurance industry.