OPYCOyster Point Yacht Club (South San Francisco, CA)
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The selected members of OPYC would get an insight into the making of Naya Pakistan and gain substantial knowledge of varied aspects of life in the country.
Initially 20 students from the United Kingdom, Europe, and Americas would be selected as members of the OPYC for a period of one year.
Initially 20 students from UK, Europe, and Americas will be selected as members of the OPYC for a period of one year.
Pakistan origin youth interested in becoming the OPYC members can send their applications to the Pakistan High Commission, London.
Initially, the OPF would select 20 students from the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of Americas as the OPYC members in its launching phase and label them as the ambassadors of Pakistan to promote the country's positive picture abroad, official sources told reporter here on Monday.
Considering that larger electric current than 10 A would cause the breakage of OPyC layer and the exposure of SiC layer, the electric current of 7 A is preferred in this study.
The thermal conductivities, the densities, the specific heat, and the geometries of the TRISO particle are shown in Table 1 [15], where [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the diameter of the U[O.sub.2] kernel and [e.sub.Buf], [e.sub.IPyC], [e.sub.SiC], and [e.sub.OPyC] are the thicknesses of the buffer, the IPyC, the SiC, and the OPyC layer, respectively.