OPZZOgólnopolskie Porozumienie Zwi±zków Zawodowych (All Poland Trade Union Alliance)
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As a result, the worker base of Solidarity broke bitterly with its leadership, was prepared to form alliances with the formerly official Communist trade unions of the OPZZ and switched their support to the former Communist Polish Social Democrats.
Though many were members of Solidarity or OPZZ (the old Communist union), they felt that the unions did little for them.
After 1989 its ex-communist rival OPZZ benefited from workers' discontent, while Solidarity was constrained by its ties with the new government.
With Solidarity pushed underground, its activists persecuted, and a new state-party labor arm (now called the Polish Trade Union Alliance, OPZZ) established in Solidarity's old offices in November 1984, even some West European labor leaders thought it wise to "face reality." Their visits to Warsaw conferred respectability on the new labor organization and lent credibility to the government line that Solidarity, after providing an interesting phase in Polish history, was now dead, and that it made no sense for foreigners to try to give support to a movement that no longer existed.
The Euro-demonstration, organised on the initiative of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and its Polish affiliates Solidarnosc and OPZZ, will coincide with a meeting of the economy and finance ministers.