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OPeNDAPOpen-Source Project for a Network Data Access Protocol
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A Gateway to Support Interoperability of OPeNDAP and OGC Protocols.
Por otro lado, la organizacion OPeNDAP especifica y promueve el protocolo que lleva su mismo nombre, el cual se basa en HTTP y define una arquitectura de transporte de datos para encapsular la estructura de la informacion, anotaciones, atributos y descriptores semanticos, [18-19].
Although the OPeNDAP can perform such tasks, it is not as straightforward as the SSW, where a web interface is available for collecting user's input and generating a list of URLs for batch data download.
7) There was a wish to have scripts available to help downloading and to have Windows and OPeNDAP compatibility.
Originally, the project was envisioned to use OPeNDAP to read files from remote sites.