OQAMOffset Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
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In this case, the maximum delay of the simulation channel is about 5.9 [mu]sec and one OQAM time offset for 256 subchannels is 18.7 [mu]sec showing a little poor performance when directly compared to the large subchannel environment such as 4,096 subchannels.
OQAM. OQAM consists, basically, in splitting one complex symbol into two semisymbols, one real and one imaginary.
The OQAM scheme discussed up to now can reduce ISI caused by pulse-shaping processes.
Figure 2 shows the block diagram of an OQAM MCM system.
When the output is at the p-th subcarrier and q-th OQAM symbol, the output signal, with the noise separated out, can be expressed as
3(a) shows an example with N = 8, for OQAM modulation of the IAM-R preamble structure.
3(b) shows the IAM-C preamble structure, for N = 8, and OQAM modulation.
where l is the sample index at OQAM preprocessing input/postprocessing output.
Figure 9 shows the BER performance of the FBMC/ OQAM system when using dual Kalman filters with the various interpolation methods, M = 2048, [N.sub.p] = 256 pilots, and [f.sub.d][T.sub.s] = 0.0167.
Siohan, "Channel estimation methods for preamble-based OFDM/ OQAM modulations," European Transactions on Telecommunications, vol.
(i) OQAM preprocessing/postprocessing: the green blocks contain the necessary preparative multiplexing steps for the FBMC-OQAM transmission (complex to real number conversion of QAM complex symbols, upsampling, and time staggering) and FBMC-OQAM reception (real to complex number conversion, downsampling, and time destaggering).
Concerning the FBMC-QAM waveform, it must contain all the blocks in Figures 1 and 2 except for those involving the CP, in blue, and the operations in charge of OQAM generation, shown in green.