OQLQOregon Quality of Life Questionnaire (assessment tool)
OQLQOsteoporosis Quality of Life Questionnaire
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Changes in quality of life and patient's perception of the improvement of facial aesthetics after anterior maxillary osteotomy were studied using the OHIP-14 and OQLQ protocols.
The protocols OHIP-14 and OQLQ were used to evaluate the QoL of patients undergoing orthognathic surgery, and it was concluded that it is important to evaluate aspects related to the QoL of these patients for the success of the treatment (25).
Two validated protocols (OHIP-14 and OQLQ) were applied to evaluate QoL.
The Orthognathic Quality of life Questionnaire (OQLQ) was translated and validated for the Brazilian population by Bortoluzzi et al.
The total score of OQLQ at (T1) was 34 points on a total scale ranging from 0 to 88 points, which means that, by this protocol, which is specific for ortho surgical patients, the quality of life was affected by the DDF.
In the OQLQ, at (T1), the total score was 34 points, close to that found by another study (22).
At (T3), the score decreased, indicating a positive impact on quality of life, unlike OQLQ, by which the scores indicated a negative influence on quality of life at T1, with a progressive improvement in the scores during subsequent periods.
This study established that the use of specific protocols, such as OQLQ, when it comes to the assessment of QoL of ortho-surgical patients, are more accurate.