OQNOpen Queuing Network
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Indeed, the adaptation of OQN to different realities is a complex social and psychological process.
Understanding adjustment processes may assist health services in developing adaptation programs to assist OQN in transition (Terry et al 2013; Crawford and Candlin 2012; Higginbottom 2011; Xu 2010; Brunero et al 2008; Konno 2006).
Because the process of adjustment is ongoing, OQN may benefit from utilising reflective skills in both their professional and personal life, to assist them in their new environment (Xu 2007).
A distinctive cause of slower adaptation of OQN is insufficient information provided prior to arrival (Xu 2010; Brunero et al 2008; Xu 2007).
Australian health care providers could further develop, establish and implement support services, including transition and workplace orientation programs targeting OQN, consistent preceptor ship and support programs for OQN's families (Higginbottom 2011; Xu 2010; Xu 2007).