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OQOOhana Quake Outreach
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Baleta na isolisoli qo sega wale ga ni tiko ga eke na isolisoli ni vilavilairevo, na vei yasai Viti e tu tale ga kina na vei isolisoli vaka oqo. E tu mai vatulele, Kadavu, Koro, Vanua Balavu.
OQO said it is not making model 02 computer with embedded Mobile WiMAX capability available for sale presently, although its availability in specific areas may be announced at a future date.
The OQO model 02 is a fully featured Windows XP / Vista computer that weighs just one pound and is small enough to fit into a pocket.
If you're wondering how successful the two companies have been, OQO is new with its version 01 offered this year.
Sintacticamente, es el narrador quien dice "inconcebible" y "sofisma", pero entendemos que se trata de una parafrasis, o sea, un uso legitimo de la OQO.
(If you appeared neatly attired at a function, for example, people might say 'Na ivava vou, oqo?'--New shoes, eh?--with a knowing wink.) But the humour has worn off as working people have been hard hit by the post-coup economic downturn, with a drop in tourism earnings and a twenty per cent contraction in the service sector.
Ke masu ena vukuna e dua na mate e vaka oqo. E dua mada na yaqona e lai cabo vua, a sa ta[ra]i 'au tara ga qai bula na baca.' Oti oya qai mama, lose Ni sa tauya, sa qai masulakina, 'Na, isevu kei Ravouvou kei Delaitoga ...
OQO has unveiled its newest ultra personal computer, the OQO model 01+.
The OQO is not a PDA that synchronizes with a PC--it's a full-version Windows XP-driven computer.
Made by a company called OQO, it has the ability to connect its incredible hard drive to a keyboard, mouse and monitor making it a heavyweight, truly pocket- sized computer.
IT'S a computer and it sits in the palm of your hand - but that's where the similarity between the OQO Ultra-Personal Computer and your Jornada or iPaq ends.