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ORANOptical Regional Advanced Network (high speed metro networks; Western Canada)
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By combining and extending the objectives of the C-RAN Alliance and the xRAN Forum, the key principles of the ORAN Alliance include:
Oran is a meticulous manager and he has worked really hard to get his club to where they are today.
A spokesman for promoters Regular Music said: "The artists decided to play an additional show at Oran Mor in Glasgow on Sunday night.
At a press conference in Parliament following the reports in March, Oran strongly criticized the pro-government media and denied the allegations.
After the implementation of the Evian Accords, in which Jews were stripped of citizenship and protection under the law, as well as the start of massacres against the European population, Jews began to leave Oran en masse in 1962.
Senhadji will also talk about the continuing works of restoration and maintenance of the city's historical buildings, in addition to the Algerian architects' efforts to include the city of Oran on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.
Renault SA (EURONEXT: RNO), a France-based automaker, has opened its 'Renault Algerie Production' car manufacturing plant in Oued Tlelat in the Oran region.
Much of the development and progress evident in Oran today can be credited to that period.
Jenny said: "Winning the David MacLennan Prize is a dream come true - I've been going to see plays at Oran Mor for years and know how important it is to the Scottish theatre scene.
The Oran tramway, which is operated by RATP Group, was officially inaugurated on May 1 by the Algerian Transport Minister Amar Tou in the presence of Abdelmalek Boudiaf, the Wali of Oran and Pierre Mongin, the chairman and chief executive of RATP Group.
The new Le Meridien Oran Hotel & Convention Centre, in Oran, claims to offer stunning views of the coastline and one of the largest conference facilities in North Africa.
Summary: The airport of Algeria's main northwestern city, Oran, will be renamed Oran Ahmed Ben Bella International in honour of the nation's founding president, who died last week, officials said Tuesday.