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ORANGOpen Radio Archive Network Group
ORANGOregon Air National Guard
ORANGOregon Army National Guard
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Situation : Since Malaysia achieved her Independence in 1957, much assistance, support and provision have been continuously provided to the Orang Asli.
Taking 20 lead, Young Blues Stars Mardan dominated the proceeding and did not give much room to Orang Club Toru to strike back.
Orang Asli communities living in rural areas of Peninsular Malaysia have been introduced to modern medicine since the early 1950s.
Jamuan makan or providing meals considered as one of the important methods of da'wah among orang Asli.
The Malaysian government has set up the Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli Malaysia (Department of Orang Asli Affairs) with the responsibility to oversee the affairs of the Orang Asli.
Jadi ada satu orang Kinarut; waktu Tambunan dia dikatakan sudah mati kan?
I first read about Bonnie the whistling orang a year or so ago and thought little of it at the time, but last weekend, I came across two more items that brought Bonnie back to mind.
MONKEYING AROUND: Adventure operator Guerba has a selection of holidays where you can enjoy the company of gorillas, chimpanzees and orang utans.
Orang Utans are one of man's closest relatives, renowned for their intelligence and human-like behaviour.
Eyematic Synthetic Video solves the network bandwidth and expensive authoring bottlenecks currently slowing the adoption of multimedia wireless applications," said Orang Dialameh, chief executive officer and co-founder of Eyematic.
AN autumn tidy-up has transformed Bornean orang utan Benji's internal den, thanks to the efforts of primate keepers.