ORASISOptical Real-Time Adaptive Signature Identification System
ORASISObject Oriented Approaches in Software Development
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Topics include high-performance computer (HPC) architectures for remote sensing data analysis, computer architectures for multimedia and video analysis, parallel implementation of the ORASIS algorithm and recursive approximation of an unsupervised hierarchical segmentation algorithm, computing for analysis and modeling of hyper-spectral imagery, parallel implementation of morphological neural networks for hyper-spectral image analysis, parallel wild land fire monitoring and tracking, grids for remote sensing, software for data analysis, imaging spectrometers as analysis tools, high-performance reconfigurable computing systems, energy reduction in processing, and real-time online processing of imagery.
ORASIS PRACTICE Management Software continues to have a modern appearance and layout, enabling users to easily carry out functions such as finding and storing patient information, stock details and product information.
ORASIS, which launched its new contact lens and clinical modules at Optrafair, has extended its special offers until the end of this month, including free data transfer and the buy-one-get-one-free module.