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ORATEOregon Association of Teacher Educators
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Earlier this year, in June 2013, the Information Technology Authority (ITA) launched the Oman Open Data Initiative in an effort to collabA[degrees] orate with government organisaA[degrees] tions moving towards an Open Government by ensuring transA[degrees] parency, enhancing public trust and participation, and improving the effectiveness of the governance process.
Steve, from Leicester, ended up losing pounds 14,000 and feeling a bit of a twit, but he fell for an elab orate scam.
There is little doubt that the eventual decision from the council will be to green-light theproject,given the elab orate public consultation process which the club and the local authority have engaged in together.
Five years later, Michel began publishing a magazine on liturgy, Orate Fratres.
It seems they were sown by the German Benedictines, with their roots in Maria Laach, through the periodical Orate Frates, begun in 1926, and the annual liturgical weeks in Chicago some 15 years later.
WORTH, Texas -- The Oracle of Omaha did more than orate at the 2007 Berkshire-Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting in Omaha this Saturday.
This programme followed an MoU between ITA and SAP to enable both parties to collabA[degrees] orate on plans to improve the Mawared Programme's effectiveA[degrees] ness across the sultanate, including the potential to subsidise additionA[degrees] al students.
his orate of chickens, a white-suited Mr Big and the obligatory 'stunna' trading places on the road as they pass through tunnels of l'urve.
Nearly 2,000 silver-tongued members from around the world are expected to attend and do what Toastmasters do best: talk, joke, orate, educate and motivate each other.
It is Mr Brocklebank's belief that Monsieur Houllier is none other than the late leading British comic,Tony Hancock, who faked his suicide in Australia (like the late John Stonehouse MP) in order to perpetrate this elab orate long- termgag.
IF you can pen a poem, scribble a sonnet or orate an ode then get in touch with the campaign by writing your entry on a postcard or the back of an envelope and posting to: Nick Sharpe, Echo Newsroom, Thomson House, Havelock Street, Cardiff, CF10 1XR.
Drinking wine is no simple affair for the connoisseur, with all that sniffing, slurping, sipping, gargling, gul- ping and spitting - not to mention the elab- orate chitchat about aromas, bouquets and so on.