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ORBITOrganic Recovery and Biological Treatment (est. 1995; Weimar, Germany)
ORBITOrganization of Business Information Technology (Pakistan)
ORBITOracle Binary Internal Translator
ORBITOn the Road Broadening Information Technology (Devon, UK)
ORBITOvernight Rapid Bovine Identification Test
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If this planet has any atmosphere at all, it is one of no great density, and its orbit being without our own, we can easily trace on its surface the outlines of seas and continents.
It ended with the double hypothesis: either the attraction of the moon would draw it to herself, and the travelers thus attain their end; or that the projectile, held in one immutable orbit, would gravitate around the lunar disc to all eternity.
The astronomer must have his diameter of the earth's orbit as a base to find the parallax of any star.
TWAS noontide of summer, And midtime of night, And stars, in their orbits, Shone pale, through the light Of the brighter, cold moon.
The earth's great axis spinning on, The never-resting pole of sky -- Let us resolve their Whence and Why, And blend with all things into One; Beyond the bounds of thought and dream, Circling the vasty void as spheres Whose orbits round a thousand years: Behold the Key that fits my theme.
He was a shy, quiet, dark person, with a pale, closely-shav en face, agreeably animated by large black eyes, set deep in their orbits.
His bulging eyes sank back gradually into their orbits.
By measuring the back-and-forth motion of this star, astronomers deduced several years ago that HD 3651 hosts a planet smaller than Saturn that whips around the star in a close, 62-day orbit.
One of these satellites, Vanguard 1, is still in orbit today.
Most asteroids also orbit in the plane of the planets; 1996 PW has a very high inclination, about 30 degrees.
The ArabicDirect package combines five of the leading Arabic-language channels from the Middle East - Rotana Cinema, Rotana Zaman, Rotana Moossika, Orbit Al-Yawm and The Orbit Arabic Series Channel (Seen).