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ORCAOnline Representations and Certifications Application
ORCAOrlando Reef Caretakers Association (Florida)
ORCAOffice of Research and Creative Activities (Brigham Young University; Provo, UT)
ORCAOpen Robot Controller Architecture
ORCAObject Oriented Reconstruction for Cms Analysis
ORCAOffice of Rural Community Affairs
ORCAOregon Caves National Monument (US National Park Service)
ORCAOne Regional Card for All (public transit, Puget Sound, Washington)
ORCAOntario Residential Care Association
ORCAOcean Resources Conservation and Assessment
ORCAOrca Relief Citizens' Alliance
ORCAOutdoor Recreation Coalition of America (trade association for outdoor recreation businesses and organizations)
ORCAOntario Recreational Canoeing Association (now Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association; Canada)
ORCAOpen, Reliable Communications Architecture
ORCAOnline Research Collections Australia
ORCAOld Reel Collectors Association (fishing reel collectors)
ORCAOrganized Readers of Comics Associated
ORCAOptimized Robot for Chemical Analysis
ORCAOcean Racing Catamaran Association
ORCAObject-oriented Requirements Capture and Analysis
ORCAOptical Relay Communications Architecture (US National Reconnaissance Office; now defunct)
ORCAOperational Requirement-Based Casualty Assessment
ORCAOverboard Recovery Communications Apparatus (BriarTek Inc.)
ORCAOptions ROM for Configuring Arrays (HP servers)
ORCAOperations Research & Computational Analysis (Sandia National Laboratories)
ORCAOverarching Range Cooperative Agreement
ORCAOhio Romanian Children's Association
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Orcas, which are also known as killer whales, are found all around the world, from the northern Pacific Ocean to Antarctica.
The company insists captive killer whales are essential to understanding and protecting wild orcas.
At Orca, the produced gas, separated from free liquid in the production separator, will be measured on the platform and transported via an 8 inch subsea pipeline, routed to the D15a-A platform 20 kilometres north for further treatment.
Naomi Rose, a marine mammal biologist with the Humane Society of United States who has been in the forefront of efforts to stop orcas and dolphins from being kept in captivity.
One of the greatest parts about being in Sea Cadets is getting out to sea, and life aboard an ORCA is a great experience for all aboard.
Also, the new Orca power amplifiers are designed for deployment in harsh environmental conditions, with operation up to 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) in sealed environmental conditions, resulting in higher availability and lower utility and cooling costs.
In 1997 marine biologist Peter Pyle was off-loading people and equipment from another boat when the crew of a sport fishing boat told him they had seen two orcas, apparently mother and calf, killing and eating a sea lion.
The largest member of the dolphin family and a major draw at marine parks, orcas (also known as "killer whales") are highly intelligent and social marine mammals that, because of these traits, have come to be known as ambassadors for nature and marine ecosystems around the world.
Once they can swim well, they are too fast and agile for the orca.
In a remote research cabin off Vancouver Island, a sudden symphony of high-pitched squawks, squeals, and syncopated orca "click trains" bounce around and echo up into the rafters.
The alliance with Orca Bay is a productive and positive step that fulfills one of Maruha's chief goals--that being the establishment of an even stronger market presence in North America.
He finds the new orca behavior "plausible" as an example of cultural learning but notes that it hasn't been confirmed by experiments.