ORCAMOriginating Region Code Assignment Method
ORCAMOriginating Region Code Allocation Method
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The OrCam MyEye is a lightweight wireless device that can be magnetically mounted to an eyeglass frame.
Ian, who is registered blind, uses OrCam in his day-to-day life.
Some of the key design and engineering challenges, noted a company official, involved miniaturizing all the functionality of the original OrCam MyEye device into a form factor the size of an index finger, while also needing to accommodate an efficient, quick-charging power source.
OrCam MyEye will allow them to instantly and discreetly read their mail, newspapers and magazines, restaurant menus, all the words around them, even recognize faces and objects, opening up a whole new world!
It translates written text to audio in real-time (OrCam
"We will be giving what is left over to another person who is in need of an OrCam," she said.
"We want to make sure that our customers are happy with it and that we fix whatever needs fixing," says Yonatan Wexler, OrCam's executive vice president of research and development.
Com base nessas informacoes pode-se dizer que os respondentes do genero masculino orcam mais do que os do genero feminino.
A new device called OrCam could be life-changing for the visually impaired and blind: The tiny wearable computer uses audio feedback to relay visual information that they can't see, enabling them to take on new tasks they were unable to perform alone before.
Optometrist and founder of Nolke Opticians, Kjell Nolke (pictured), and international business development and sales manager at OrCam, Leon Paull, discuss technology as a solution to patients
Ivona Software, which was acquired by Amazon in January 2013, has also entered the wearable assistive technologies market through a partnership with OrCam, an Israeli firm.