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ORCASOregon Center for Applied Science (Eugene, OR)
ORCASOak Ridge Center for Advanced Studies (consortium; Oak Ridge, TN)
ORCASOcean Response Coastal Analysis System
ORCASOutfitting Requisition Control and Accounting System
ORCASOperational Readiness and Cognitive Assessment System
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"It was at about half-past six when the orcas were heading across the Levenwick bay towards us, and we had both set ourselves up at the edge of the rocks right by the water," he said.
Orcas specializes in providing tutoring, language acquisition coaching and babysitting.
We can all help set orcas free by urging TUI to cut off the financial lifeline it's giving SeaWorld and by refusing to patronise any facility that holds these animals captive.
Three times a day, every day, Morgan and the other orcas do tricks for holidaymakers.
"We'd be having very different conversations if we approached recovery with the Orca's best interests in mind," said Elizabeth M.
A drone footage shows a pod of orca whales surrounding the woman.
Such is the case with Tahlequah, also known as J35 , a 20-year-old female orca from the critically endangered southern resident population based near Puget Sound, Washington.
TROMS0, NORWAY ORCAS love hanging about in fjords and are particular fans of the Norwegian ones just north of Tromso - a city in the north of the country.
Unlike other orcas, Southern Resident Killer Whales feed almost exclusively on the fatty fish whose populations have fallen due to overfishing and the damming and degradation of rivers up which they spawn.
But captive orcas gave scientists and the public a different perspective.
For an hour, the trio of humans photographed and identified several of the whales -- including an orca calf that appeared to be no older than a few days, or even a few hours, judging by the fetal folds still visible on its body and a dorsal fin that wasn't fully standing up.