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ORCEObservational Record of the Caregiving Environment
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ibs "We do not know whether it is from a boy or a girl but it does mean there is no site in the world such as the one at Orce.
Before pursuing orce and orza to their origin, a number of additional, briefer quotations will confirm the above interpretation of orce.
Bone fragments and stone implements discovered since 1982 at three Orce sites indicate that human ancestors lived there as many as 1.
The Dutch Airf orce Research and Excavation Foundation, Dare, wants to trace the next-of-kin of navigator Sgt James D'Arcy.
Growing numbers of pubs, bars and clubs mean police can no long er enf orce licensing rules,other leaked documents say.
The city centre ban on alcohol consumption in the str eet has been a success,although we would rec-ognise it is not always possible to enf orce uni versally.
These sums require the assistance of the prosecution to enf orce and in variably the defaulter has been, or is still in prison.
Plans to reduce the workf orce by 4,000 were announced in December.
Instant Access to the orce their existing users to migrate to radicallelopers with existing applications based on the are vendors can now offer their customers an entire span of fax technology in a single PCI slot, eliminatingsuccessful in large fax installations and will gSteve Shaw, director of marketing, Dialogic Fax Business Unit.
A leading f orce in the multi-billi Sony, and Sega and coin-operated games.
Israeli orces raided the southern West Bank city of Hebron, detaining three Palestinians after storming their family houses.
Meanwhile in Bethlehem district, the Israeli orces detained a Palestinian minor after breaking into and ransacking his family's house in Husan village to the West of the city.