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ORCIOcean Road Cancer Institute (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
ORCiOval Racing Council International (UK)
ORCIOpinion Research Corporation International
ORCIOffice for Research and the Collection of Information
ORCIOpen Roads Consulting, Inc.
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Kurtzman is also an executive producer for the hit CBS television series SCORPION and LIMITLESS, along with Kadin and Orci, and for HAWAII FIVE-0 with Orci.
There were rumblings last year that Orci, a Star Trek purist who helped pen the first two films, wrote a script that was too true to the original series.
Abrams, who produced and directed the 2009 "Star Trek'' film and 2013 sequel, recently called to say Orci had an idea about how Shatner might be in the next film of the new franchise, which stars Chris Pine as Capt.
Orci revealed to SheKnows that one of the characters is called Nick Holly.
Under ORCi scoring, cilice placed first overall and first in Division 1 from Audi Sunshine Coast and Kerumba (Tom Faragher).
The two-day conference had 32 participants: 30 nurses from ORCI and 2 nurses from Rwinkwavu Hospital in Rwanda.
BriSCA and ORCi are fully supportive of its efforts to increase exposure.
Colleges just can't put minorities all over their ad campaigns and think they'll get away with misrepresentation," says Orci.
Enesco's board of directors has appointed Hector Orci as its newest board member.
That's the key finding of a new Hispanic marketing trends survey commissioned by Los Angeles-based Hispanic advertising agency Orci of senior marketers at Fortune 1000 companies.
Latino agency founders and creative leaders who donated to the museum include Michelle and Joe Zubizarreta of Zubi Advertising in Miami; Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, founder of Semilla AD, representing The IAC Group of Miami; Alex and Cathy Lopez Negrete of Houston-based Lopez Negrete Communications; Hector and Norma Orci of Orci Advertising (formerly La Agencia de Orci) of Santa Monica, Calif; Tony Dieste of Dieste Inc.