ORCPOregon Rules of Civil Procedure
ORCPOntario Research Commercialization Program (est. 2005; Canada)
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It now makes sense for owners and trainers to be involved in the race, and I'm pleased to see that there is additional prizemoney being paid, as opposed to just a redistribution to meet with the ORCP rules.
Our dates for the Puppy Classic were submitted to the Committee a considerable time before the dates for Sky's second half of the year schedule were released," said Corden, "and, contrary to what has been written, the ORCP doesn't meet until Wednesday to decide.
I lodged an objection to Hall Green's dates with the ORCP, but didn't even get a reply," he said yesterday.
The other ORCP recommendation to meet some opposition at the promoters' meeting last week was, unsurprisingly, when it came to minimum prize-money levels for minor opens.
One of the main concerns of recent years has been the mass proliferation of minor opens, and the ORCP has recommended increased minimum prize-money levels in an attempt to restore some balance - all opens should be worth a minimum of pounds 250 with pounds 150 going to the winner and pounds 20 to others.
Perhaps it is also time to make the ORCP more representative of greyhound racing as a whole and include other parties aside from the lunatics, aka promoters, who dominate it now.