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ORDChicago, IL, USA - O'Hare International Airport (Airport Code)
ORDOffice of Research and Development
ORDOrganization(al) Development
ORDOffice of Rare Diseases (National Institutes of Health)
OrdOrdinary Seaman
ORDOperational Requirement(s) Document
ORDOptical Rotatory Dispersion
ORDOperational Readiness Demonstration
ORDOrdnance Data (TMINS)
ORDOffice of Research and Demonstrations
ORDOnline Resource Directory
ORDOperational Ready Date
ORDOperational Readiness Date
ORDOperations Research Department
ORDOverseas Replacement Depot
ORDOrganisation for Rural Development
ORDOwner's Risk of Damage
ORDOptical Rotatory Dispersion Spectroscopy
ORDOften Required Data
ORDOld Orchard Field (now O'Hare International)
ORDOver Rated Defense
ORDObject-Relational Database
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The Minister said the plan outlined how surface water would be allocated and licensed to meet the current needs of agriculture and industry while ensuring water flows of the lower Ord were maintained.
May 15 2008: The surgery was completed at Gateshead's Queen Elizabeth Hospital May 18: Coun Ord was transferred from the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital to Ward 9.
Judge Harris read out a letter written by Ord, in which he apologised for "not being enough of a man to plead guilty.
Ord has been nick-named "Fireman Bam" for refusing to back his staff in their wages fight.
Ord grapples with one of his phobias; Cassie voices an opinion at a critical time and two-headed Zak and Wheezie learn - what else
Minister for Primary Industry and Fisheries, Willem Westra van Holthe, said Ord Stage 3 will be an economy building project.
But the clock was built along with a new, bigger pub - the second Ord Arms in 1900.
It is understood that Ord did not have any previous convictions, or past criminal behaviour, that would have alarmed licensing chiefs.
The same maternity ward where Ethel bundled up and rocked thousands of crying newborns over the years, including the one she was walking in to say hello to right now - the new obstetrics nurse on duty, Jude Ord.
SUNDERLAND defender Richard Ord is set to complete a pounds 1million move to QPR.