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ORDBMSObject Relational Data Base Management System
ORDBMSObject Relational Database Management System
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The classes from the conceptual model, which need to be made persistent by a StorageMechanism, which in this case is the ORDBMS, are mapped onto user-defined types and corresponding typed tables.
For mapping the system behavior we have to use the interface provided by the ORDBMS in terms of SQL data manipulation and data query language and the extensibility options in terms of user-defined functions and stored procedures.
Therefore, the aim which we further pursue is a specialized application for the model-driven development of CBIR systems on top of ORDBMS. This application shall be realized as an Eclipse IDE Plug-in and should provide a complete model-driven development workflow for CBIR.
The instantiation of the GiACoMo-IRS model for eNoteHistory was carried out by reverse engineering the existing implementation on top of an ORDBMS. Therefore, it can be assumed that the conceptual model is also implementable onto an ORDBMS system.
Techniques for the generation of an implementation of the concrete CBIR model on top of an ORDBMS were presented.