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ORDOOrdnance Officer (military)
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El numero 19 del documento conclusivo Sinodo de los Obispos de 2015 senala la conveniencia de restablecer el antiguo ordo de las viudas consagradas (1).
To him, the traditionalist Catholic movement is a breath of fresh air after decades spent in the Novus Ordo environment.
As others have pointed out, however, an ordo or pattern apart from its concrete doctrinal, cultural, and textual expressions in actual liturgies simply does not exist in any independent or pure form.
Sin embargo, en este manuscrito no se encuentran por ejemplo los textosintroductorios que aparecen en el Madrid, RAH 39: solo se pueden leer el Ordo Romanorum regum y los textos que le seguian en el manuscrito de Suso.
Podemos pensar la relacion Ordo presbyterorum-presbyteria en analogia con cuanto sucede en el bautismo.
Eva Beglarian, Lisa Bielawa, Kitty Brazelton and Elaine Kaplinsky are the talented women that make up Hildegurls, named for the original composer of the 12th century German opera Ordo Virtutum, Hildegard of Bingen.
These steps are known to theologians as the ordo salutis.
Indeed, while many clerical communities had their own Prophets Plays based on the same Advent sermon, the Laon Ordo Prophetarum is distinctive in its intentionality: it made manifest the community's own understanding of the meaning of Advent, a meaning that accreted gradually during the weeks leading up to Christmas as the scriptural and homiletic readings proclaimed during the liturgy fused with the interpretive understanding of those readings.
Comparing common worship with the Ordo (rubrics established by tradition as liturgical norms), he concludes that contemporary worshippers are often indifferent to traditional structures for worship.
He is pitted against the shadowy Ordo Novus who has already assassinated two priests in Doyle's diocese, a gay Jesuit pastor and a liberation theologian and is gunning for Doyle himself.
The founding fathers used the motto "novus ordo seclorum" (new order of the ages) to show the nation was "a new idea on the world scene," she said.
I need to take exception with the two letters denigrating the Novus Ordo liturgy (NCR, Jan.
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