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ORDSOrganization Retirement and Disability System (OPM)
ORDSOpinion Research Data Services (Swansea, UK)
ORDSOffice of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (Michigan State University)
ORDSOANHSS (Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors) Resource Development Service (Ontario, Canada)
ORDSOperational Reporting Data Store
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We estimate the fair value of the first two at $146 mln and the latter at $72 mln (our fair value of one Apatit ord is $220 on 2012E peer multiples).
While the cancellations of the missile defense ORDs was a dramatic departure from existing acquisition processes, even more important was Rumsfeld's decision to transfer program management of some missile defense programs from the Services to MDA.
You do understand the meaning of commitment, Mr Ord. It means "of honourable intent".
Violence again flared later when Gray and Ord got out of a taxi outside the Marriott Hotel.
CERL conducted a study at Fort Ord to learn if LBP in crushed concrete actually poses a hazard.
"The Eagle 1400 is a portable plant as well, and at the Fort Ord site it processed better than 108,000 tons of material," notes Jeff.
The ORD strategy establishes a core group of priorities designated either high, medium, or low, according to their potential to improve childhood risk assessment or otherwise reduce risks to children.
The Colonial Office objected, for example, to Ord's use of the term "Acts" rather than "Ordinances" for the enactments of the Straits Settlements Legislative Council and to his use of the term "Governor in Council" to cover certain executive powers of the Straits Settlements Government.
Ord has steadfastly refused to back his own employees' demands for a 40 per cent pay rise, which would take their salary to pounds 30,000.
Mr Ord - dubbed "Fireman Bam" by staff - told Assistant Firemaster Brian Sweeney to send a memo to all stations ordering them to hand over their appliance keys.