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ORDVACOrdinance Variable Automatic Calculator
ORDVACOrdnance Variable Automatic Computer
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IAS played host to a number of relatively long-term visitors, many of whom returned home and built what Goldstine [5] calls direct descendants of the IAS machine (e.g., ORDVAC, ILLIAC, JOHNNIAC, MANIAC) and collateral descendants (e.g., in Stockholm, Lund, Munich, Israel, Sydney).
Men like John McPherson and Wallace Eckert and Cuthbert Hurd and the undersigned were turning out the computers of the 1940s and early 1950s--yes, computers were people in those years--while Aiken was cranking out Bessel functions for the Navy and the academics were waiting for their MANIACs and JOHNNIACs and ORDVACs to operate.