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(1872) "Neskolko slov o vozmoznosti ucrezdenija missii mecdu kirgizami Srednej ordy".
Paleoenvironmental coring investigations on O'ahu Island at Ordy Pond yielded a finely divided stratigraphic profile with organic material from a charcoal-free stratum near the boundary marking the onset of charcoal deposition (Athens et al.
But it's IMechE member Rogers' aim to make rocket science palatable for a general audience, and this she does with aplomb in It's Ordy Rocket Science: An Introduction in Plain English.
(Incidentally, our meeting in San Diego was days before she was to celebrate her 62nd birthday onstage at the tour's close in Los Angeles.) After taking ordy two days off to go home.
And yet, "the ordy picture most people have of Huntsville" is due to a single room at the Walls prison compound--the death chamber.
regarding the onset times of vection with different speeds of moving scene is consistent with those reported in Kennedy, Hettinger, Harm, Ordy, and Dunlap (1996).
"Composites are becoming an alternative for builders who want to differentiate themselves," says Ron Ordy, a manager with Pittsburgh-based TRACO.
A significant reduction in total mortality was found ordy with low-dose diuretic therapy (RR=0.90, 95% Cl, 0.81 to 0.99).
Ordy Sec-registered ftmds fall under the direct jurisdiction of four federal laws: 1.
The "DOE-see"(1) might have remained an obscure little treasure, known ordy to those who haunt the Olympic Peninsula's temperate rainforest, had it not become the center of a decades-old struggle between the states and the federal government.
Rawness is the essence of her art and, as she sees it, the ordy possible response when our friends die of AIDS and women are threatened with a return to back-alley butchery.
This is accomplished through a sudden alteration of register: up to now the deepest registers have dominated - the high registers entered ordy at isolated points and were lost in the general "darkness"; from now on the high registers are in command, the lower remaining only here and there as traces.