OREIOffice of Regional Economic Integration (Asian Development Bank)
OREIOrganic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative
OREIOrganic Research and Education Initiative (USDA)
OREIOffshore Renewable Energy Installation
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If the Greek fleet had been nearer Thermopylai, then the Persians could have gone for the beaches of north Euboia, which offer the best anchorages within the straits of Trikeri.(56) The best protected is that at Histiaia, now Orei, but nearer for arrival from Ayiokambos is that at Pefki, now a holiday resort with a small artificial harbour.(57) Behind and a little east of Pefki beach Lolling(58) identified fragmentary remains of a Doric temple as the one mentioned by Herodotus at 7.176.1 which has given its name to the Greek anchorage, to the fights in the straits, and also to the cape at Euboia's north-east corner.
Specifically, the Organic Agricultural Research Act of 2018 will reauthorize OREI for an additional five years and gradually increase its funding from $40 million in fiscal year 2019 to $50 million in fiscal year 2023.
The TA will also facilitate monetary and financial cooperation and regional integration by developing robust local currency bond markets in the region, and thus support key result areas of the Office of Regional Economic Integration (OREI) based on the RCI strategy.
Procurement : ADB will be the executing agency, and the Office of Regional Economic Integration (OREI) will implement the TA.
The grants are being funded through the Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative (OREI), a program that is administered by USDA's National Institutes of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill.
Most of the grants announced today were authorized through the Agricultural Act of 2014 (the 2014 Farm Bill), including the Agricultural Marketing Service's (AMS) Farmers Market Promotion Program and Local Foods Promotion Program, and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture's (NIFA) Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI) and Community Food Projects (CFP) grant program.
additional subprojects on the remaining pillars, cross-border transport and logistics as well as road safety will follow after the ongoing study by orei on this topic has been finalized, the road safety action plan has been finalized and currently ongoing discussions with possible cofinanciers have defined joint activities on road safety.
Digital Audio Decoders Market: Key Players Few of the major players operating in the global digital audio decoders market include, Flaunt Corps.; NXP Semiconductors; STMicroelectronics; Dolby Laboratories; Cirrus Logic; Gefen (a subsidiary of Nortek Security and Control); NOGA; AP LINK; Cablesetc; Orei; Kanex Pro and Neoteck, among others.
"This is a testament to One Real Estate Investment's (OREI) caliber as an established owner/operator."
the offshore renewables decommissioning team in beis is seeking to appoint specialist support to provide technical advice on industry proposals for decommissioning a range of offshore renewable energy infrastructure (orei) including offshore wind farms, offshore transmission owners (ofto) and wave/tidal stream developments in uk waters.
Factor 1 of Innovation Performance was formed by a summated-scale of OQUA, OFLEX, OCAP, OLBR, ORME, OREI and OHESY, which are variables that measure the impact of the innovations for the firm.
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