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ORESOnline Resources
ORESOffice of Research, Evaluation and Statistics (US SSA)
ORESOn-Line Resources for Earth Scientists
ORESOffice of Real Estate Services (US Federal Highway Administration)
ORESOcean Research and Education Society (Solothurn, Switzerland)
ORESOrganization of Rural Elementary Schools (Oklahoma)
ORESOyster River Enhancement Society (est. 1983; Canada)
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“It was ore. Now, sir, I ask if you can tell me who this Mr.
“Jotham, who has been much in the mountain latterly, being kept there by me and Hiram, has made a discovery, which he will not explain, he says, for he is bound by an oath; but the amount is, that he knows where the ore lies, and he has this day begun to dig.
After spending an hour near the place, examining the stones, and searching for the usual indications of the proximity of ore, the Judge remounted and suffered his cousin to lead the way to the place where the mysterious trio had been making their excavation.
There stood a Hill not far whose griesly top Belch'd fire and rowling smoak; the rest entire Shon with a glossie scurff, undoubted sign That in his womb was hid metallic Ore, The work of Sulphur.
My host says that the two principal improvements introduced by foreigners have been, first, reducing by previous roasting the copper pyrites -- which, being the common ore in Cornwall, the English miners were astounded on their arrival to find thrown away as useless: secondly, stamping and washing the scoriae from the old furnaces -- by which process particles of metal are recovered in abundance.
The only method of stealing gold is to secrete pieces of the ore, and take them out as occasion may offer.
At other places the banks were banded with great veins of iron ore, laid bare by the abrasion of the river.
Once we had discovered iron ore we had enough mined in an incredibly short time to build a thousand cannon.
What all these passages are, of course I cannot say, but we thought that they must be the ancient workings of a mine, of which the various shafts and adits travelled hither and thither as the ore led them.
The young men hunted the vipers which provided the virus, and it was they who mined the iron ore, and fashioned the swords under Perry's direction.
It was a single track railroad; but at every siding--and they were numerous--long lines of trucks piled with coal and iron ore told of the hidden wealth which had brought a rude population and a bustling life to this most desolate corner of the United States of America.
"And better--so much better as pure ore is than foul dross.