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ORF1Open Reading Frame 1
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The cloned PCR product corresponded to a 597 (GI) and a 468 (GII) bp fragment that maps to the overlapping region of ORF1 and ORF2.
Therefore, to investigate whether short-term exposure to PEPs can affect global DNA methylation, the methylation patterns of both L1 open reading frames (ORF1, ORF2) were evaluated.
Proporcion de cerdos positivos para el ORF1 del genoma del HEV segun la region de procedencia de los cerdos.
A ORF1 codifica as proteinas envolvidas no processo replicativo do genoma viral como a metiltransferase, uma protease semelhante a papaina, a helicase e a RNA polimerase RNA dependente (26).
The deduced primary structure from ORF1 and ORF2 were completely matched with the N-terminus from Pseudomonas sp.
Cap (ORF2) gene, Rep (ORF1) gene, ORF3 gene and ORF4 gene.
ORF1 likely encodes non-structural viral proteins, ORF2 encodes the putative capsid protein and ORF3 encodes a cytoskeleton-associated phosphoprotein (3-5).
The launch of ORF2 HD on SES ASTRA's 19.2 degrees East orbital position is scheduled for 5 December 2009 and follows the successful roll-out of ORF1 HD in June 2008.
ORF1 became a youth-skewed channel, while ORF2 was aimed at an upscale older audience, concentrating on news, documentaries and the arts.
Article 5 asks Member States to ensure, again "where practicable and by appropriate means", that "broadcasters reserve at least 10% of their transmission time (...) or, alternatively, at the discretion of the Member State, at least 10% of their programming budget, for European works created by producers who are independent of broadcasters".The situation for each country may be summed up as follows:- Austria: the two public broadcasting channels (ORF1 and ORF2) brbroadcast 61.1% of European works.