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ORF1Open Reading Frame 1
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The prevalence and genetic analysis of TTV were determined using the primers' UTR and ORF1 region of TTV, respectively.
For ORF1 and concatenated ORF1/ORF2 excluding the HVR, DcHEV was clustered with HEV3; but for ORF2 and ORF3, DcHEV was clustered with HEV1 and HEV2.
The ORF1 of strains from the United States encodes 1,589 aa, which is 7 aa shorter than ORF1 of both strains from the Netherlands.
Primers based on ORF1 were AHEV F-1/ SD, 5'-TGTTATYACACCCACCAARACGYTG-3' for positions 2,524-2,548; Helic R-1, 5'-CCTCRTGGACCGTWATCGACCC-3' for positions 2,975-2,954; AHEV F-2/SD, 5'-GCCACGGCTRTTACACCYCAYGT-3' for positions 2,573-2,595; and Helic R-2, 5'-GACCCRGGRTTCGACTGCTT-3' for positions 2,958-2,939.
For genotyping and phylogenetic analysis, a nested PCR was then performed for the ORF1 RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) region (9).
Then, nested PCRs were carried out to amplify the partial fragments of ORF1 (129-373 nt) and ORF2 (5,983-6,349 nt) of the HEV genome by using the 2 sets of specific external and internal primer pairs listed in online Technical Appendix Table 1 (wwwnc.
Samples found to be positive for HEV RNA were subjected to another RT-PCR to generate amplicons from a 258-bp segment from ORF1, which were then processed for nucleotide sequencing and phylogenetic analyses (20).
ORF1 nucleotide sequences (172 bp) from the outbreak showed high similarity among patients (99.
The ORF1 region was amplified with primers ORF1-F1 and ORF1-R12.