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ORF2Open Reading Frame 2
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Assays for HEV antibodies should detect antibodies to the ORF2 antigen to assure adequate clinical specificity (IIIB and IIIE).
This commercially available assay is based on the ORF2 and ORF3 recombinant proteins of the Burmese and Mexican strains of HEV.
The launch of ORF2 HD marks another milestone in SES ASTRA's strategy to become the most important HD platform for Europe's leading broadcasters.
Its genome contains 3 open reading frames (ORFs)--ORF1, ORF2, and ORF3--which encode nonstructural proteins, the capsid protein, and a small protein involved in virus egress, respectively (1).
ORF1 encodes a polyprotein that is cleaved by the virus-encoded protease to produce several nonstructural proteins, including the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase; ORF2 encodes a major capsid protein, VP1; and ORF3 encodes a small basic protein (VP2) that has been associated with the stability of the capsid (4,5).
HEV geno typing was performed by sequencing a 305-nt fragment within the ORF2 region and performing phylogenetic analysis.
Reverse transcription PCR for a 284-bp fragment in ORF2 of this HEV, which we named dromedary camel HEV (DcHEV), was positive for 3 fecal samples; viral loads were 3.
ORF1 encodes a nonstructural protein of 1,596; ORF2 encodes a capsid protein of 654 aa, and ORF3 encodes a functionally unknown phosphoprotein of 108 aa.
The first and the second sets of degenerative primers were designed on the basis of multiple sequence alignments derived from the helicase gene in open reading frame (ORF) 1 and the capsid gene in ORF2 (5), respectively.
The genome contains 2 nonstructural genes, open reading frame (ORF) 1a and 1b, and a capsid gene, ORF2, with short 5' and 3' untranslated regions.
An essential RNA element resides in a central region of hepatitis E virus ORF2.