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ORF2Open Reading Frame 2
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ORF2 encodes the putative RNA polymerase (370aa, 41.5kDa, nts 2,1683,280) and is therefore important for replication.
Different primers and cycling protocols were tested for the optimization of the genus specific PCR targeting RdRp coding sequences of genome segment 2 (ORF2).
A potential mechanism that norovirus utilizes to evade host immunity is genetic recombination at the overlapping regions between the RdRp of ORF1 and the capsid protein encoding gene (ORF2), ORF1/ORF2 junction [9].
Therefore, to investigate whether short-term exposure to PEPs can affect global DNA methylation, the methylation patterns of both L1 open reading frames (ORF1, ORF2) were evaluated.
For amplification of 285 bp ORF2 encoding toxin Xn-relE gene from the genomic DNA primer 2 with PstI site at 5' end and primer 7 with HindlH site at 3' end were used.
The samples were screened for the presence of IgM antibodies against hepatitis A virus (IgM anti-HAV; Hepavase A-96, General Biologicals Corporation, Hsin Chu, Taiwan), hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg; Surase B-96, General Biologicals Corporation, Hsin Chu, Taiwan), IgM antibodies to hepatitis B core antigen (IgM anti-HBc; Anticorase B-96, General Biologicals Corporation, Hsin Chu, Taiwan), antibodies to hepatitis C (anti-HCV; Ortho HCV 3.0, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, NJ, USA), antibodies to HIV-1 (INSTI HIV-1 antibody Test Kit, Biological Laboratories Inc., Richmond, Canada), IgM and IgG antiHEV antibodies by ELISA based on the use of recombinant ORF2 antigen (rORF2p) [15], and alanine aminotransferase levels (ALT; Span Diagnostics, Gujarat, India).
A ORF2 codifica uma proteina que compoe o capsideo viral que contem uma sequencia sinal tipica proxima a regiao 5' terminal, seguida de uma regiao com cargas altamente basicas do genoma viral.
The deduced primary structure from ORF1 and ORF2 were completely matched with the N-terminus from Pseudomonas sp.
Cap (ORF2) gene, Rep (ORF1) gene, ORF3 gene and ORF4 gene.