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ORFEOperations Research and Financial Engineering (Princeton University)
ORFEOak Ridges Friends of the Environment (Canada)
ORFEOpen Relay Filter Enterprise (software)
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I bought the Golden Orfe when they were tiny and raised them for around 12 years.
Orfe, three current part-time harbor masters and a prior part-time harbor master were given no-fee mooring permits.
Koi feed at a minimum depth of 3ft (1m), so avoid shallow pools, while orfe are active surface-feeders, which can grow to 18in (45cm) or larger and are unsuitable for small ponds.
The state port has been without a permanent director since last December, when Director Thomas Orfe resigned.
I carried on selling insurance, but started to farm koi carp, golden rudd, golden orfe and golden tench.
Don Moore from Whitten caught 11 carp for over 100 lb on Bowes while his friend George Taylor caught over 40 ide, orfe, bream and tench.
They are well stocked with carp and tench, as well as crucians, bream, golden orfe and golden tench.
Some anglers are also finding small carp, occasional tench and golden orfe.
This added to 7,000 roach delivered by the agency in November, and another recent consignment of rudd and golden orfe.
Armed just with his whip, a landing net and a pint of maggots he landed some lovely carp, orfe and barbel, finishing with around 25lb in a borrowed keepnet.
His winning catches include a 10lb 2oz River Kennet barbel, and a fine 5lb 6oz golden orfe from a Berkshire fishery in 1998.