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ORFIOrganization for Returning Fashion Interest (design studio; New York)
ORFIOffice of Recoveries and Fraud Investigations (South Dakota Department of Social Services)
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Orfi, AFM1 in raw, pasteurized and powdered milk available in the Syrian market, Food Control.
Orfi, Commuting automorphisms of some finite groups, Glas.
Orfi marriage is a marriage without an official contract, with the couple just saying "We've got married" and pledging this commitment to each other on a piece of paper.
The planting area in Hossein Abad region was 906 hectares and dibber area in Saman Orfi of Hossein Abad, Pourang, Janat Abad, the second well and Qale Sorkh was 1590 hectares and, in the area of 700 hectares, soil with seeding has been created.
Les camarades de Hocine El Orfi enchaineront ensuite un autre match face au pensionnaire de la Ligue 2, Ariane, au stade d'El Marsa.
Orfi Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 253 497 (2002).
Abla is unable to enjoy her rights as a wife and a mother, because hers was an orfi (unregistered) contract, as the Government refuses to document the marriage contract for a woman (or rather, girl), who gets married before she is 18 years old.
He claimed thatthis would protect the families from the dangers of untraditional marriage ( orfi ) which now links many young men and women.
Gen Art's fashion programs and events have proven to be a successful launch pad for big names, including Zac Posen, Rebecca Taylor, Peter Som, Chaiken, Hollywould, Rebecca Dannenberg, ORFI, Michelle Mason, Rafe, and Shoshanna.
En effet, au-dela du resultat technique qui a ponctue cette confrontation (1-1), les Sang et Or ont livre un bon match notamment de la part de certaines nouvelles recrues a l'image du gardien international Azzedine Doukha, Abdelghani Khiat, Zakaria Benhocine, Hocine El Orfi, Riad Ait Abdelmalek et Walid Ardji.
Regarding Emirati coach Salem Al Orfi, who led the team to their GCC Champions League triumph, Bin Mihairoom said: "Salem is the son of the club and he will supervise the reserve team and will be one of the assistants to Da Silva.
The absence of law and order on the street is taking dramatic turns, where not only are thugs wreaking havoc but also ordinary citizens are taking their rights into their own hands or imposing punitive Orfi (customary) law in some areas that recognise this legal tradition.