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ORFIOrganization for Returning Fashion Interest (design studio; New York)
ORFIOffice of Recoveries and Fraud Investigations (South Dakota Department of Social Services)
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"Some countries have not codified such orientations and the codification and complexity of marriages will lead to a growth in orfi marriages."
Orfi, AFM1 in raw, pasteurized and powdered milk available in the Syrian market, Food Control., 20, 603 (2009).
Fouladi and Orfi have shown that, if G is either a finite AC-group or a p-group of maximal class or a metacyclic p-group, then G is an A(G)-group [4].
Following the introduction of military rule (Orfi idare) in 1925, a state of emergency (siki yonetim) remained in place between 1978 and 1987 and continued as emergency rule (olaganustu hal) from 1987 to 2002.
Summary: "You can marry for just LE3," says a man selling books by popular writers such as Taha Hussein and Abbas el-Aqad on the pavement, referring to the unofficial orfi (illegal marriage) contracts he also sells.
"All arrest warrants and travel bans issued by the former regime against Gaddafi 's opponents have been lifted," Mejdi Al Orfi said.
The concrete area of this project is Saman Orfi stock of 15 villages of north and south part of the study area, with nearly 54,904 hectares.
Debates on veiled women on television, cases of customary marriage (the "orfi" marriage, made illegal in Tunisia since 1957), unrest in Tunisian universities caused by the "niqab" were all developments that have shaken the alarm bells of a return to stricter Islamic values, Mrs.
Our little Ace Siena was hardly the sort of thing thatwould keepmovie stars orFI drivers happy but it was perfect for two: a loo, a shower, an oven, a hob, a fridge, seats that converted into a good-size double bed and a Fiat engine to pull us along.What more could we need?
LVN# 60219 Onuoha, Elsie Uchenna LVN# 209238 Onuorah, Virginia Okwuchukwu RN# 627713 Orfi, Melodie Ane LVN# 121103 Osemene, Isioma Onweifendi RN# 741240 Overbeck, Lawrence Raymond RN# 555327 Overbey, Michelle Mohun RN# 610576 Padilla, Susana LVN# 193804 Panturad, Michael Hsmeyer RN# 601768 Parkhill, Chad Matthew RN# 703217 Parson, Annette Louise LVN# 121007 Pedraza, Jr., Bernardino LVN# 155171 Pels, Joyce Elaine LVN# 122973 Pena, Nicole Renee RN# 732304 Peraza, Ron RN# 641417 Peregrino, Merrye RN# 539647 Perkins, Dianna RN# 643745 Perry, Maureen Beth RN# 604134 Pickney, Byronica Keithshurn RN# 686609 & LVN# 164361 Pittman, Evelyn Joyce LVN# 89575 Polk, Marcie Dawn LVN# 181856 Poole, Mamie Victoria RN# 507022 Posey, David Sanford RN# 777109 Powell, Cynthia D.
Buzzati takes the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and transforms it into the tale of burgeoning rock star Orfi Baltazano and his lady love Eura Storm, and dips it in the Technicolor hues of the '60s.