ORFXOpen Reading Frame X
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This assay uses the same PCR target sequences as the GeneOhm MRSA[R] assay, the various SCCmec elements and the orfX gene.
However, an additional ccr locus (ccrC, type 5) was found in the J3 region between orfX and IS431.
Its SCCmec organization may result from recombination events in which a type IV(2B) element acquired the ccrC-containing region downstream of orfX from SCCmec elements that normally contain it (5).
The fosmid clones were screened by PCR to identify specific genes orfX, mecA, and the chromosomal region located downstream of SCCmec.
DNA sequencing of the entire SCCmec element from isolate 08 BA 02176 showed a 32,369-bp element integrated at the 3' end of orfX containing 30 putative open reading frames (ORFs) (Figure 3; Table 3).