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ORGALIMEEuropean Engineering Industries Association Representing the Interests of the Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Metalworking & Metal Articles Industries
ORGALIMEOrganisme de Liaision des Industries Métallliques Européennes (French: Liaison Group of the European Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Metalworking Industries)
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While not establishing a physical presence in the EC, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association has developed close ties with the European counterpart associations and notably with ORGALIME (an electrical machinery liaison organization).
Orgalime, the European engineering industries association, said it was "particularly worried" by the latest Council of Ministers working document on the directive (released in June), because it "leaves unchanged the critical articles 4a, 26a and annex IV" of the old waste framework directive which allow member states to impose individual eco-design rules on manufacturers.
Orgalime noted confusion in different member states over the application of RoHS saying some authorities thought that petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical, material handling, power generation, water treatment and paper manufacturing plants would be subject to RoHS.