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ORGALIMEEuropean Engineering Industries Association Representing the Interests of the Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Metalworking & Metal Articles Industries
ORGALIMEOrganisme de Liaision des Industries Métallliques Européennes (French: Liaison Group of the European Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Metalworking Industries)
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But energy, environment and employment policies have to be coordinated," hammered out the Orgalime representative.
He notes that the Commission prefers delegated acts "since it gives it almost absolute power in certain areas, subject to post adoption controls" adding that while Orgalime is in regular contact with Commission officials, there is no legal obligation on the part of the EU institution to consult outside interests.
Orgalime noted confusion in different member states over the application of RoHS saying some authorities thought that petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, pharmaceutical, material handling, power generation, water treatment and paper manufacturing plants would be subject to RoHS.
More specifically, in a communication dated 8 May, Orgalime, the European federation representing the metalworking, mechanical, electrical and electronics sectors, had warned against any measures being taken to counter steel exports from Asia.
The document, entitled EnginEurope', was recently presented to the European Commission by a high level group, established by the EU executive, in which Orgalime participated.
Dialogue of Mr Verheugen with the Orgalime President's Board ("Diamant Building", Bxl)
While acknowledging that the Council and Parliament have made an effort to strike a fair balance between economic and environmental interests and signalling its readiness to play by the rules, the industry, in a statement published by UNICE, CEFIC, Eurometaux and Orgalime, argues that the objectives of the REACH Regulation (health and the environmental safety and business competitiveness) might have been achieved in a more practical fashion and through an approach based more on risk analysis.
Mr Verheugen meets Edward Krubasik, CEO of Orgalime
The divide between registration and authorisation is again highlighted by claims from ORGALIME (the European Engineering Industries Association) and DUCC (Downstream Users Chemicals Coordination Group) that they are reasonably satisfied with the compromise as far as registration is concerned but find the clauses relative to the authorisation to be "too inflexible" and too "bureaucratic".
Verheugen at Orgalime conference; Closing speeches of Mr.
Orgalime, the lobby for the inorganic industries (metals and minerals) has meanwhile called for their products and raw materials (ores, recycling residues, minerals and metal alloys) to be excluded from the scope of REACH.
Orgalime believes prices are likely to rise further over the coming months, following announcements of price rises by producers, combined with a cut in EU production.