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ORGANICOrganisation Autonome Nationale de l'Industrie et du Commerce (French: Autonomous National Organisation of Industry and Trade)
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The saucer-shaped summit is nearly ten miles across; and every single atom, [10] from the least particle to the largest fragment of rock, in this great pile, which however is small compared with very many other lagoon-islands, bears the stamp of having been subjected to organic arrangement.
LAC's farm has contributed to the slow growth of hectarage returning to organic farming.
Although total organic land area in the UK has fluctuated in and out of decline since the economic recession and, even though there are less farmers generally in the UK, organic producers are up over two per cent since 2017, at 3,544.
[ClickPress, Wed Apr 10 2019] Organic milk marketplace is marked by relatively low number of players who control a major share of the overall sales of organic milk.
Last year, organic food and beverages cost an average of 24 cents more per unit than conventional food, or about 7.5 percent more, according to Nielsen.
The committee on agriculture conducted last week a hearing led by chair Councilor Marissa Abella to discuss converting the third district barangay as an organic zone in the city.
The growth rate for organic food sales was below 2016's 9% pace and was impacted by slow growth in the big organic dairy and egg category.
Darren Guo, Managing Director of NurnbergMesse China Co., Ltd., Xia Zhaogang, Vice Director of China Organic Food Certification Center (COFCC) and Hu Shan, the first person promoting the organic life in China delivered excellent speeches for the activity.
The Better4U USDA Certified Organic Ancient Grains Pizzas feature a hearty crust made with three organic sprouted grains.
The health-and-wellness trend is here to stay, and in tandem with this new and improved American lifestyle, a burgeoning market for fresh organic fruits and vegetables has taken hold.
The Australian organic food labelling framework is indeed murky.