ORHAOffice of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance (US government; now the Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority)
ORHAOntario Reining Horse Association (Canada)
ORHAOregon Rental Housing Association (Salem, OR)
ORHAOregon Rural Health Association (Salem, OR)
ORHAOntario Residence Hall Association
ORHAOxford Regional Health Authority (UK)
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the coordinator of the Project, from the ORHA planning team by Secretary
That's enough," DOD spokesman Larry Di Rita tells ORHA.
After being signed in and turning over medical records I was quickly introduced to the ORHA team.
Of course the leadership changed in mid-May when Paul Bremer arrived to replace Jay Garner, and the organization's name changed from ORHA to CPA.
Exacerbating the situation was the requirement to send the 130th Engineer Brigade deputy commander to work as the V Corps engineer at ORHA in downtown Baghdad.
The ORHA is staffed by about 1,000 personnel from various U.
We've got a cell out there that consists not only of people from the comptroller office but from the IG [Inspector General], from the Criminal Investigations Service, from OMB [Office of Management and Budget], and from GAO, working with the comptrollers of ORHA itself and the comptrollers of Central Command to ensure that those hundreds of millions of dollars that we found in walls and in holes and on trucks and that belong to the Iraqi people will be spent for the Iraqi people, and that the billions of dollars of taxpayer dollars that Congress voted for the reconstruction of Iraq will be spent in the most efficient way.
With the United Nations putting out a desperate call for chlorine to treat drinking water, ORHA representatives at this meeting do not know the status of the only chlorine plant in Iraq, located near Basra.
US-led ORHA officials in Baghdad now believe Iran is also involved in sabotage operations mounted by Shiite forces in the south.
It is due to rise from 500 to 1,000, and I think the fact that 19 Iraqi ministries are returning to work under ORHA, and the special representatives .
The Office of Reconstruction and Humanitarian Assistance is working to reestablish a Ministry of Health, and we have seen active cooperation among ORHA, the World Health Organization and the emerging Iraqi Ministry of Health.
Instead, ORHA has paid pensioners and civil servants in US dollars, with each having received a 20-dollar note for the immediate stage.