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ORIOperational Readiness Inspection
ORIOffice of Research Integrity (HHS)
ORIOld Republic International Corporation (stock symbol)
oriOrigin of Replication
ORIOficina de Relaciones Internacionales
ORIOcean Research Institute
ORIOriginating Agency Identifier (nine-digit code used by agencies on the law enforcement network)
ORIOctane Requirement Increase
ORIOnline Retrieval Interface
ORIOpen Ranks Inspection
ORIOrbital Replacement Instrument
ORIOpen on Rise of Inlet (pressure valve)
ORIOperator-Robot Interaction
ORIObesity Research Institute, LLC
ORIOverhaul/Repair Instruction
ORIOregon Research Institute
ORIOriental Research Institute (India)
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We decided to immediately conduct the ORI because children are the most vulnerable ones in times of measles outbreak.
Paul Fraser from ORI will manage all New York City operations, assisted by OLI executive vice presidents Ed Baust and Adam Bacall.
ORI provides real-time visibility to oxygenation status in moderate hyperoxic range (PaO2 of approximately 100 to 200mmHg).
5 percent of the ORI in various transactions and now holds 93.
Examining the extent to which scores on the new scale are related to similar constructs as established by previous studies could assess the convergent validity of the ORI & CS.
ORI Anuenue Hale is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing relief to and promoting the general welfare of elderly, disadvantaged and disabled people in the rural and geographically isolated Central and North Shore areas of Oahu.
While the four companies and ORI will merge at the same time, Oji Paperboard as the surviving entity of the merger will be the holding company for the new production units.
Cynthia Guinn: Paul Hoffman, a former University of Oregon psychology professor known for his research on human judgment and decision-making, founded ORI in 1960.
In essence, the ORI and the appeals panel disagreed on the plausible inferences to be drawn from Imanishi-Kari's research-related conduct and record keeping.
Nard will become President and CEO of a publicly traded RFIG and will consequently relinquish his role at ORI.
ORI staff members moved into the steel, concrete and glass structure at 1776 Millrace Drive from nearby leased offices a couple of months ago.
ORI unveiled plans to acquire PMACC in an all-stock transaction, estimated at some USD230m (EUR189.