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ORIOperational Readiness Inspection
ORIOffice of Research Integrity (HHS)
ORIOld Republic International Corporation (stock symbol)
oriOrigin of Replication
ORIOficina de Relaciones Internacionales
ORIOcean Research Institute
ORIOriginating Agency Identifier (nine-digit code used by agencies on the law enforcement network)
ORIOctane Requirement Increase
ORIOnline Retrieval Interface
ORIOpen Ranks Inspection
ORIOrbital Replacement Instrument
ORIOpen on Rise of Inlet (pressure valve)
ORIOperator-Robot Interaction
ORIObesity Research Institute, LLC
ORIOverhaul/Repair Instruction
ORIOregon Research Institute
ORIOriental Research Institute (India)
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Officials from ORI Anuenue Hale were definitely appreciative of the work done by the Reservists.
Two points of disagreement between ORI and the appeals panel concerned the proper inferences to be drawn from certain characteristics of Imanishi-Kari's reported data.
Once all phases of the spin-off are completed, Fitch believes that liquidity concerns at ORI will be diminished significantly, especially the expected elimination of debt acceleration risk.
After choosing the Riverfront Research Park five years ago, ORI and its developer, Dallas, Texas-based Trammel Crow, became embroiled in a land use dispute with UO faculty, students and activists over the proposed development site, near the Eugene Water and Electric Board property and the Willamette River.
At year-end 2011, ORI reported approximately $500 million of parent liquidity resources, comprised of $135 million of cash and short-term investments at the parent holding company level, and $361 million of dividends that could be upstreamed by its insurance company subsidiaries during 2012 without prior regulatory approval.
The property development firm Trammell Crow is leasing the site and constructing the building, which it will then lease to ORI and EPIC.
All companies above are subsidiaries of ORI and headquartered in Chicago, IL, unless otherwise specified.
ORI is thrilled to expand our partnership with BLS and L-3," said Kathleen Benson, President of ORI.
Site preparation on the long-sought new building could begin within the next few weeks, ORI facilities manager Dan Hoechlin said.
25, ORI documents its statistical and forensic analyses to show the false data were not chance errors but conscious ones "aimed at a particular result.
Fitch also affirms the commercial paper rating for ORI subsidiary Old Republic Capital Corp.
This decision is a landmark win for consumers, small businesses, online marketplaces, retailers and libraries nationwide and an affirmation of the ORI motto, 'you bought it, you own it.