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By partnering with The Ohio State University through ORIEN, we've built a cancer research expressway.
With ORIEN, we're amassing a true national cancer database for the first time," said Michael Caligiuri, M.
Through data analysis and sharing, ORIEN will provide physicians evidence of the best therapeutic options, including clinical trial treatments, specific to a patient's biological and epidemiological profile, increasing the likelihood of treatment efficacy, speeding response time, and potentially minimizing side effects while improving outcomes.
The ORIEN collaborative will seek partnerships with other leading cancer centers in North America.
ORIEN is an XML-based server technology, designed to provide the most flexible development environment with a robust and seamless integration component to OpenLink's Endur/Findur the leading front-through-back-office solutions for energy and financial trading, risk management and operational requirements.
Through ORIEN, our proven trading, risk management and operations solution can be seamlessly extended to the Web or incorporated in an existing Web-based initiative, allowing our clients the freedom and flexibility to develop and execute their strategic e-commerce visions.
At present, the FROL booking engine is isolated to those hotels either 'flagged' by HotelPURE or which contracted Oriens to solely provide online booking and internet marketing services.