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Patients treated at ORIEN member institutions provide consent to have their clinical data and tissue specimens studied for research, and also to be re-contacted for clinical trials.
Through the ORIEN Avatar Research Program, de-identified clinical data from these patients, as well as molecular data derived from tissue specimens, is integrated and made available to participating cancer centers and biopharmaceutical partners to be used to power discovery, translational, clinical, and health outcomes research.
By enabling hundreds of researchers to share, integrate, and analyze an extensive amount of genetic data, The DNAnexus Platform will support, in a secure and scalable fashion, the profoundly important translational mission of the ORIEN Avatar Research Program.
Solove Research Institute in Columbus, Ohio, ORIEN is based on a model of cooperation, coordination, and efficiency in cancer research.
Through the agreement, Takeda will have access to patient de-identified information generated through the ORIEN Avatar Program, representing ORIENs growing network of participating cancer centers.