ORILOncology Research International Limited (Perth, Western Australia)
ORILOveraged Reparable Item List
ORILOregon Review of International Law (student journal)
ORILOpen Reversible Inflatable Liferafts
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The only way to replicate Chr2 without a functional ori2, that is, unmethylated ori2, was a Chr1 and Chr2 chromosomal fusion that permits replication of the entire chromosome from oril [33].
While the aggressive procedures used to manage the MRF, the ORIL, and degree code violations certainly proved effective, it was apparent that collaboration and leader involvement were the keys to success.
Equatel has signed a contract with Offshore Resources International Limited (ORIL), an investment group of African businessmen and telecomms executives.
We also believe that several of the oril,inal 25 were replaced during the ensuing 85 years.
* Confirmation of next meeting Legend AO = Area of operations AOAP = Army Oil Analysis Program BCT = Brigade combat team BN = Battalion CHS = Combat health support Commo = Communications CSS = Combat service support CSSAMO = CSS automation management office LOGSTAT = Logistics status MEDEVAC = Medical evacuation NMC = Not mission capable ORIL = Overaged reparable item list PLL = Prescribed load list SB = Support battalion SPO = Support operations officer SSA = Supply support activity TF = Task force TSC = Theater sustainment command XO = Executive officer
Great Circle Speedmaster[R] Life Rafts are open reversible types (ORILs) for vessels operating in protected waters and range in size from six to 65 person capacity and have been witnessed, inspected and tested by a Classification Society approved by The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), to verify compliance with the following regulations and testing: SOLAS 74 as amended.