ORIMOffice of Risk and Insurance Management
ORIMOptram Railway Infrastructure Management (software; Optram, Inc.)
ORIMOffice of Research Information Management (University of Miami; Florida)
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A minority of the respondents however said that in modern times, some dauntless women defy threats and beating from their husbands or orim (male dominated institution of social control) and insist on insist on not having sex for various reasons which can be summarized as: anger and bitterness, tiredness, inadequate care from their husbands for themselves and their children, poor feeding, birth spacing and lactation.
(17,23,24) Findings reveal that a few married women at the grassroots who attempt to exercise their right to negotiate sex with their male spouses for cogent family reasons, are labelled "stubborn" and they risk facing the wrath of the much dreaded orim. Only urban-based educated Christian women who are convinced that they are outside the purview of orim dare exercise their right to negotiate sex.
The major barriers to women's RR are: resilient and conservative traditional beliefs and practices, poor or lack of female education, poverty and women's poor economic base, sex stereotypes, women's generally poor access to family decision making, the nature of women's socialisation, fear of male violence especially the much dreaded male controlled orim, experience of shame and fear of stigma, forced/early marriage, marriage and payment of bride wealth.
Orim, Borg and Awala-Ale (2013) quoted Park (2003), also described plagiarism as academic malpractice; and a breach of academic integrity.
To buttress this point, Orim, Borg and Awala-Ale (2013) stressed that most plagiarism cases occurred as a result of lack of awareness and proper skills.
This deficiency is corroborated by Orim, Borg and Awala-Ale (2013).
The Nasser Salahuddin Brigades, a military branch of the PRC, said it targeted the Orim base which is working under the Israeli military intelligence system with Grad rockets, the Lebanese satellite television Al-Manar reported.