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ORIOOak Ridge Regional Inspections Office
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Aim of the ORIO project is to contribute to development of social and private sector and three ORIO grants have been approved for BiH amounting to over 13 million euros, it was stated.
Often companies create product catalogs by pulling data from multiple disconnected systems, which is a slow process with many possibilities for errors," said Thomas Kjellberg, Chief Technology Officer, at Orio.
Laura Orio, experta en biologia molecular, administro a las ratas el alcohol mezclado con OEA y encontro que los danos neuronales y la inflamacion se reducen.
Orio, Modern Geothermal HVAC Engineering and Control Applications, Chapter 6, Mc-Graw Hill 2013
The ORIO XL benefits operators by allowing the completion of laterals in excess of 10,000 ft.
Bernardino Orio de Miguel ha realizado un novedoso trabajo exegerico sobre el pensamiento del filosofo, cientifico, matematico y diplomatico plomatico aleman, G.
For some subtle lighting, I'm very keen on the tall Orio candle holder with its shapely handpainted platinum base.
Orio III, a Brigham and Women's physician, was recently appointed to the active medical staff at Milford Regional Medical Center.
The award was won for Wipro's designer LED streetlight, Orio.
The Spaniard is among the favourites for the overall crown in the six-stage event, which ends Saturday with a 22 km time trial in Orio.
Among the varieties of birds included yellow-crested cockatoo, African grey parrot, crested lark, golden orio, falco subbuteo.
Summary: Seville - Spanish journalist, Ignacio Marin Orio said on Wednesday that the situation of human rights in Morocco's Southern Provinces, the Sahara, has been distorted because of a "false propaganda.