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Father Orio, a team member of the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, who gave the homily, said Puno loved the priestly vocation so much that the latter spent hours in the confessional to accommodate penitents.
Aim of the ORIO project is to contribute to development of social and private sector and three ORIO grants have been approved for BiH amounting to over 13 million euros, it was stated.
"Often companies create product catalogs by pulling data from multiple disconnected systems, which is a slow process with many possibilities for errors," said Thomas Kjellberg, Chief Technology Officer, at Orio. "This solution enables a single PLM based engineering and technical publication authoring environment for multi-lingual, multi-program, multi-application and multi-brand requirements, meaning that we're able to produce manuals and catalogs faster, while ensuring product documentation embeds already approved product data."
Orio immediately coordinated with the PNP to conduct joint operation to go after the said NPAs.
Orio, Modern Geothermal HVAC Engineering and Control Applications, Chapter 6, Mc-Graw Hill 2013
The ORIO XL benefits operators by allowing the completion of laterals in excess of 10,000 ft.
Infrastructure Development (ORIO), which is funded by the Dutch Government.
The total program cost is estimated to exceed $76 million; $23 million will come from a grant from the Fund for Infrastructure Development (ORIO).
The Orio sewage project will also be developed at a cost of BAM800,000 (US$555.6mn).