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ORIONOur Race Is Our Nation (white supremists)
ORIONOverspill Routing in Optical Networks
ORIONOptimized Routing Independent Overlay Network
ORIONOffice de Recherche Interdisciplinaire sur les Organisations Neurophysiologiques
ORIONOperational Radio Interferometry Observing Network
ORIONOperating Room Image Oriented Navigation
ORIONOntario Reseach and Innovation Optical Network (Canada)
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Dr Orion Hood paused for one instant on the doormat and drank in the whole scene of voiceless violence.
I knew that you could not say to yourself'stereotomy' without being brought to think of atomies, and thus of the theories of Epicurus; and since, when we discussed this subject not very long ago, I mentioned to you how singularly, yet with how little notice, the vague guesses of that noble Greek had met with confirmation in the late nebular cosmogony, I felt that you could not avoid casting your eyes upward to the great nebula in Orion, and I certainly expected that you would do so.
It was clear, therefore, that you would not fail to combine the two ideas of Orion and Chantilly.
Then he learned that one other spirit had trembled with the same touch of wonder: that at his side, living under his roof and eating his bread, was a creature to whom he could say: "That's Orion down yonder; the big fellow to the right is Aldebaran, and the bunch of little ones-like bees swarming-they're the Pleiades.
Although cost is frequently an issue in rural situations, Orion Health's solutions provide a very affordable model for implementation of a RHIO and its attendant benefits," said Paul Viskovich, president, Orion Health North America.
ORION for AIX requires minimal training, provides turn-key operation and features an intuitive GUI for quick implementation, resulting in significantly lowered cost of ownership compared to other HA alternatives.
Orion Health recently teamed with the globally-recognized IBM Innovation Centre in Sydney, Australia to undergo performance testing and analysis.
Orion Health's Rhapsody Integration Engine will be used to extract approved information from state animal health laboratories information systems, reformat the data into identified NAHLN standardized data and report information back to Veterinary Services.
Orion is a renewable energy company focusing on ethanol production.
Just as BioniCare is committed to improve the quality of patient lives, 3i Infotech is dedicated to providing an end-to-end patient management system that could be flawlessly integrated with ORION ERP," said Sharad Vajpayee, Vice President ORION(TM) Software for 3i Infotech Inc.
24 January 2018 - Finnish pharmaceutical company Orion Corp.