ORIPOffice of Regional and Interagency Planning (California)
ORIPOgiek Rural Integral Projects (Kenya)
ORIPOperational Recordkeeping Implementation Plan (Queensland State Archives; Australia)
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(c) RT-PCR showed that U-hiPSCs did not express exogenous markers OCT4, SOX2, KLF4, EBNA-1, miR-302-367, SV40T, and ORIP. Pm: plasmid DNA; noRT: negative control without reverse transcriptase.
Physical models suggest that under closer spacing, the same amount of water leads to higher well recovery, as a percent of ORIP. By corollary, at wider (closer) spacing more (less) water is used: [??] for [S.sub.1] > [S.sub.2] for a given L.
(14.) To the best of our knowledge, the only study examining the relationship between production and completion design is Covert (2014), who tests Cobb--Douglas functional form using data on the Bakken play, but does not look at the effect of well spacing or ORIP on production.
The ORIP, which will be electronically linked to the local authorities in Dubai, was unveiled by Judge Taresh Eid Al-Mansouri, director-general of Dubai Courts, said a statement.
In fact, gene therapy investigators are considering the possibility of inserting human genes into loops of DNA that contain the OriP sequence and the gene for EBNA1.
Some of the materials employed in this work were provided by the Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine Institute for Regenerative Medicine at Scott & White through a grant from ORIP of the NIH, Grant no.
These vectors are based on a well-established technology in which the inclusion of the EBNA1 gene and the OriP sequence of the Epstein-Barr virus allow a plasmid, after a single transfection, to replicate extrachromosomally, as a circular episome, in several cell types [45].