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ORISAOldman River Intermunicipal Service Agency (aka Oldman River Regional Services Commission; Alberta, Canada)
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As well, having initiated over 1,000 people in total in a little over 10 years would be quite a feat, even for a very well-established and long-standing orisa house, so the idea that this Egbe accomplished such a task adds to its perceived credibility, particularly to the uninitiated who may not understand all that goes into performing initiations.
Springer rejected her Catholic upbringing to become a priestess of the Orisa religion, an African-derived Yoruba religion of Trinidad and Tobago, so her work does nothing to shape or even revitalize twenty-first century Christianity, although it could be described as indicating one way in which the Christian faith was (not) received in a non-Western setting.
Women's political consciousness is important in the context excepting of course, Bihar and Orisa this women's right was accepted by all provinces.
While attending a Santeria ceremony one night, I saw two people lose control of their bodies and become possessed by orisa, the West African dieties Yemaya (protector of the oceans) and Ellegua (guardian of the crossroads).
Benefit-cost ratio varies from year to year as suggested by Sharma (1995), who studied the financial profitability and optimum rotation of Australian pine (Casurina equistifolia) in Orisa and concluded that compact plantation is the only way to fulfill the timber requirements of the rural community.
Pani an expert from Orisa, India, who in his letter addressed to the editor, daily Dawn, dated February 11, 2007 said:
Gary Edwards and John Mason, both high priests in the Yoruba Theological Archministry in New York, give a succinct summary of the core principles of Yoruba epistemology that shape Cuban Santeria practice in their book The Black Gods: Orisa Studies in the New World.
Equating Sino-Pakistan maritime co-operation with Sino-Myanmar strategic partnership, Sakhunja has maintained: 'Similar conditions prevail in Bay of Bengal where the Chinese have established facilities at Coca Islands in Myanmar to monitor Indian maritime activity and missile testing in Orisa.' Another Indian scholar has also tried to see Sino-Myanmar-Pakistan triangular equation as an anti-India axis.
(11) Questo documentario e una produzione di Orisa Film.
Orisa: Yoruba Gods and Spiritual Identity in Africa and the Diaspora.
(126) Without making particular reference to Africa, Mami Gros-Jeanne refers to the African-derived Haitian religion of Vodun (1) and the loas, its Cuban analog of Santeria and the orisa, its Trinidadian manifestation of orsa worship in Shango and Orisha, and its Brazilian version in Candomble and the orixa.