ORITOrganización Regional Interamericana de Trabajadores
oriTOrigin of Transfer
ORITOperational Readiness Inspection Test
ORITOpen on Rise of Inlet Temperature (valve)
ORITOldham Robinson Integrated Technologies Inc. (Ancaster, Ontario, Canada)
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The rumour that the snake died of silicon poisoning was, like Orit, blown up out of all proportion.
Orit Rozin is professor of Jewish history at Tel Aviv University and the author of The Rise of the individual in 1950s Israel: A Challenge to Collectivism.
The scholars, Orit Shamir, curator of organic materials at the Israel Antiquities Authority, and Naama Sukenik, a graduate student at Bar-Ilan University studied material discovered in caves at Qumran, in the West Bank and compared the white-linen textiles found in the caves to others found elsewhere in ancient Israel.
The Israeli delegation includes Science and Technology Minister Daniel Hershkowitz and Agriculture Minister Orit Noked as well as several dozen representatives of high-tech, "security", agriculture and other firms, said a statement from Peres office.
An Israeli woman who gave her name only as Orit said she was in transit at Istanbul airport when she and about 20 other Israelis were separated from other passengers.
Orit Kaidar-Person, Benjamin Person, Samuel Szomstein, and Raul J.
His colleague, Orit Noked, assumes the agriculture portfolio.
In Monday's civil ruling, Judge Orit Efal-Gabai dismissed the possibility that Aramin had been struck by an errant stone, determining gunfire as the cause of death.
Orit Bashkin concentrates on issues of modernism and science in the debates of the time, showing that leading Iraqi ulama "did not live in a secluded atmosphere; rather, they appropriated and integrated the views of a variety of intellectuals" (p.
Their religious tradition was based on the Orit, the five books of Moses in Ethiopian translation, which they received from Ethiopian Christian monks.
A key way of doing this is to use 'adjacencies', a strategy Ogilvy Action often employs to market Coca-Cola lines in-store, according to head of shopper marketing Orit Peleg.
My company has been doing work for real estate companies and we felt it would be productive, for both educational and business development reasons, to explore joining an industry association,"' said Orit, founder and principal of O Group, a leading strategy and design firm specializing in luxury brands.