ORITOrganización Regional Interamericana de Trabajadores
oriTOrigin of Transfer
ORITOperational Readiness Inspection Test
ORITOpen on Rise of Inlet Temperature (valve)
ORITOldham Robinson Integrated Technologies Inc. (Ancaster, Ontario, Canada)
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Founder Orit Sutton's 25 years of performing, choreography, directing, producing and teaching experience ensures the delivery of challenging, exciting and inspiring dance lessons, parties and productions.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of Indian multinational drug firm Alembic Pharmaceuticals (NSE: APLLTD) has successfully acquired US-based generic drug developer Orit Laboratories LLC for an undisclosed sum, the company said in a regulatory filing on Wednesday.
Orit Barak accompanied by Gowri Anbu, Regional President, AWWA, Northern Command also paid a visit to Asha School at Udhampur .
Orit Gidali's poetry reflects segments of the contemporary Israeli psyche: awareness of fragility; a ferocious love for a complex inheritance; and a desire for the cessation of violence, as much for one side as for the other.
Orit Azaz: It has been an extraordinary context in which to 'think big'.
However, in a meeting of the settlement subcommittee at the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, MK Orit Strock suggested the Civil Administration show creativity regarding procedures for demolishing Bedouin structures that would limit the possibility of petitioning the High Court.
Orit could be approached as a story about stories: a layering of folktale, myth, history, and anecdote from East and North Africa.
It's why Orit Perlov, an Israeli expert on Arab social networks, keeps telling me that since I can't visit the Islamic State, which is known as ISIS, and interview its leaders, the next best thing would be to see "Batman: The Dark Knight.
Israel's army did not respond to requests for comment on the procedure, but former IPS commissioner Orit Adato said holding prisoners without charge was the only way to protect Israel's network of Palestinian informants.
Orit Sarfaty, Executive Director at NIFC, says “Through our work on the ground for nearly 30 years, we're seeing the impact in every arena - equality in housing, employment, health care, and shared goals.
Orit Struck, a Jewish Home lawmaker and resident of Hebron, said the home was the first settlement bridgehead in the city in 14 years.
Or Orit Fox, an Israeli model who became a YouTube sensation after footage of a snake biting her on the breast went viral.