ORITEOhio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment
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These fruits include described Orites follicles from Patagonia (Gonzalez et al.
Paleogene leaf fossils of Orites (subtribe Roupalinae) have been described from Tasmania (Carpenter & Jordan, 1997; Jordan et al.
The Orites wind farm is the only one currently in operation with a further six under construction.
orites have a distinct inner ridge bowed into a semicircle, which make them stand apart from the others (Figs.
The first wind park in Orites near Paphos, expected to be operational by next summer, was inaugurated last week with the EUR 200 mln 82 MW project billed the largest of its kind in the Mediterranean region.
Orites bivascularis (Berry) Romero, Dibbern & Gandolfo 1988.
Another species of Proteaceae, Orites excelsa, was also found to contain aluminum and magnesium.
Elinas registered his intention to build a wind park in Orites in December 2004.
The foundation stone for the Orites wind farm, the island's first significant renewable energy project, was laid in early October last year.
It is believed that the Orites wind farm will contribute substantially in the increase of energy production from renewable sources.
Cyprus' first wind park will be build in the Orites area, between the villages Pano Archimandrita, Kouklia, Souskio and Fasoula in the Paphos District.
According to Solon Kassinis, Director of the Commerce Ministry's Energy Service, the wind park will have an 82 megawatt capacity and will be located in the Orites area in Paphos, with the support of local residents.