ORMASOperational Resource Management Assessment System
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I begin by briefly discussing security-providing regional ormas in the socially normative context of society and state perspectives, particularly regarding the agency of the population in defending the nation and their interests.
Indonesian law defines ormas as community organizations that are established voluntarily by a group of people sharing specific aspirations, desires, and interests and that aim to contribute to the development goals of the Republic of Indonesia.
The military's objections and the Ormas Law's prohibitions resound in the description of the FBR's activities with which this article started: a large group organized along semi-military lines, using its own uniforms, vignettes, and flags.
It is usual for Minahasan governors, mayors, parliamentary speakers, police officers, and military commanders to publicly join the Brigade Manguni leadership at the official functions and events of the ormas. In return, Brigade Manguni contingents join in official parades during national holidays.
All leaders are elected by a democratic vote of the membership, but whereas village and neighbourhood leaders are regularly replaced, the majority of the individuals who formed the board when the ormas was established continue to be re-elected.
The connection between regional ormas leaders (as patrons), their rank and file (as clients), and the local political and business elites is therefore a clear point of concern within the discourses of the ormas with regard to legitimation.
Today's regional ormas, however, frequently emphasize that under such conditions preman were dependent on, and controlled by, the regime, which decided what crime was allowed and who could carry it out.
The regional ormas on which this article focuses describe their function as doing just that--carrying out the tasks that the preman should fulfil for society.
The celebration of the FBR's anniversary in July 2011, with which this article started, illustrates the mutual courting between regional ormas and politicians interested in combined votes and support.
Speaking on the occasion Mr Vardhman Jain, Founder Director, Laurus Edutech said, "I am happy to announce our alliance with ORMAS and OSFDC for this great initiative to support the candidates especially belonging to weaker sections of the society and uplifting them to the main stream.